Behind the Tech

At Fern Ridge Reservoir
Cameron Yee, Owner/Operator

This is that interview question, “Tell me about yourself,” that really means “Tell me about yourself…as it relates to this job.”

Since you’re looking to rent PictaBooth, you want to know more about the person behind the tech, because ultimately a person’s skill set, temperament, and work ethic are what determine the quality of a service, not the equipment.

My Skill Set

I’ve been a photographer since I was a teenager, but it was in college I realized I also had a knack with using and configuring audio-visual electronics (i.e. I’m an AV geek).

My day job involves providing end-user technical support for audio-visual and computer equipment, as well as training and supporting users with websites running on WordPress. Basically, I help people use and get the most out of hardware and software technologies, which is definitely one aspect of the photo booth activity.

My Temperament

I’ve been consistently described as unflappable by my co-workers and those I provide support to. If technical problems come up, which they inevitably do, my tendency is to stay calm and strategically work through the problem. I’ve also learned that preparation – having a thorough knowledge of the hardware and software I’m using – reinforces this attitude.

In addition, being prepared helps bring out my more lighthearted side, which is the other part that makes a photo booth so entertaining. Although people seem to naturally love the activity and often need no encouragement from me, it certainly doesn’t hurt if I’m enjoying the experience as much as everyone else.

My Work Ethic

My job history since the beginning has had an emphasis on providing customer service. From bussing tables as a teenager to now helping people with technology, I derive a lot of satisfaction knowing I’ve provided a positive and memorable service experience. I’ll extend this same standard to PictaBooth, from the moment you contact me to when I’ve fulfilled our agreement.